Curvy spring trends! What comes, what stays ...

Spring is coming, winter is going and we wonder what about the trends? Do we have to throw everything out of the closet again and buy new ones to stay up-to-date? But no!

We show you the 10 most important trends for spring 2017, which are coming and which will remain!

With a few tricks, the wardrobe can be brought back up to date <3

That comes:

Nudes & khaki

Mode in grossen Grössen berlin
Photo: Junarose
Neutral colors and nude tones are at the forefront this season. Powdery rosé and nude tones in particular whet the appetite for spring. It is important to find the right shade for your own skin tone or to combine it with a rich contrast, e.g. with a dark jacket or bright lipstick in order not to look pale.

Statement shirts

Mode in Grossen Grössen berlin
Photo: Junarose
Whether cheeky, funny or political - T-shirts with slogans and bold messages are making a comeback this season and can be seen on all the catwalks! Combined not only with jeans, but also especially with feminine skirts, the shirts cut a good figure.

Floral prints

Sommer Trends Florale prints
Photo: Persona by Marina Rinaldi

In keeping with spring, the fashion for spring / summer 2017 is also wonderfully flowery. Whether on flowing clothes, blouson jackets, blouses or light kimonos - everything is blooming.
The trendy flower prints range from geometric abstract prints to hippiesque flowers to large, exotic-looking patterns such as hibiscus flowers.


mode in grossen grössen berlin
Photo: Zizzi
And it goes on with the patterns: In addition to flowers, stripes are one of the 2017 fashion trends. Whether marine style, pinstripes or stripes, if you want to be one of the trendsetters this spring, you should quickly add a striped must-have to your wardrobe.
Tip: Combine different prints in your look. Especially trendy this season: a mix of stripes and floral prints!

Marlene pants

Photo: Sallie Sahne
Finally she is back! After years of tight leg clothing, Marlene trousers are finally the latest craze again! We love the skirt under the pants for the femininity and elegance they exude! And so wonderfully comfortable and varied, whether plain or patterned, what is important is a flowing fabric that flatters the silhouette.

Particularly trendy: wide trousers with colored or patterned vertical stripes on the side!

That remains:

Midi skirts

Mode in grossen grössen berlin sallie sahne plissee rock


Photo: Persona by Marina Rinaldi


Plisse maxi skirt plus size fashion


Mode in grossen Grössen berlin junarose bomber jacket blouson
 Photo: Junarose

Platform sneakers

 Photo: Maison Shoeshibar

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