Berlin Fashion Week July 2017

This year's Summer Fashion Week Berlin was the motto of our in-store event "Summer of Bodylove"!

Beautiful curves should and wanted to be staged and we were happy to discover the latest collections of our favorite brands at the Panorama and to meet dear and familiar faces from the curvy scene at various events!

Summer of Bodylove im Les Soeurs Shop

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For a long time we have been enthusiastic about the modern and feminine creations of the body-positive swimwear label Phylyda from Berlin and on July 5th the time had finally come!

The Phylyda Pop-Up Shop was opened in our store just in time for Fashion Week and together with Phylyda and The Curvy Magazine we invited to the start of the "Summer of Bodylove".


A colorful mix of fashion crowds cavorted in and around our store on this balmy summer evening, talked shop and celebrated the "Summer of Bodylove" with us.


 You can try on and buy the beautiful bikini and swimwear creations by designer Lydia Maurer in our store until the end of July!


The later the evening, the more numerous the guests... and thanks to the fantastic team from Lillet at our outside bar, nobody had to wait long for their next drink ;-)


Phylyda designer and label owner Lydia Maurer was there that evening and not only explained the idea behind her swimwear line, but also diligently supported the fitting with all her specialist knowledge!


While bikinis were being tried on like crazy inside, the queue at the bar outside was growing ;-)


At the end of the evening there was a small snapshot in front of the press wall with the whole event crew for the family album <3 Thanks to Lydia from Phylyda and Julia & Carola from The Curvy Magazine for this unforgettable evening! <3


Wundercurves Event im Deck5

Our dear girls from Wundercurves, Tiffany and Nane were in Berlin again this time and organized a wonderful meeting over the roofs of Berlin for the curvy fashion community.

With refreshing drinks in the sunset, we were all able to end the long Fashion Week day together and let our fashionista soul dangle.

And of course we couldn't resist capturing some of the fashion ladies in their great outfits for you.

Take a look for yourself <3

Wundercurves x Les-Soeurs-shop-I


Wundercurves x Les-Soeurs-shop-IIIWundercurves x Les-Soeurs-shop-IV

Flower power at Julia from

Wundercurves x Les-Soeurs-shop-V

Elegance par excellence...Stephanie from Curvysequins

Wundercurves x Les-Soeurs-shop-VI

Wundercurves x Les-Soeurs-shop-VII

 Mary by BodyMary

Wundercurves x Les-Soeurs-shop-VV

Ladies in black Tiffany von

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