Curvy Trend Report Fall / Winter 2016

The autumn / winter season has started and you are already standing perplexed in front of the wardrobe and do not feel like the old woolen sweaters and the same black winter coat ...

That's why we've put together a little trend guide for you with the hottest trends for the season, with which you can get your winter wardrobe back on track in no time with just two or three new items!


Herbst/Wintertrends in großen Größen

Opinions are divided about this material, but we'll say it in a moment ... we love velvet! It is simply a question of the right styling and then velvet is modern, classy and simply an eye-catcher. You just have to pay attention to the following:

With velvet, less is simply more! That means, please no all-out-of-velvet outfits ... you'd better opt for a statement piece, be it a dress, jacket or accessory, and combine it with other materials. After all, nobody wants to look like a sofa in the Queen's palace in the end ;-)

It doesn't always have to be black. Velvet is also happy to choose colors, but then muted tones such as fir green, olive, bordeaux or dark blue ... these look elegant. In velvet, bright colors usually look like the curtain from the theater stock.

Smooth, flowing velvet flatters and hides small puffs ... but hands off pannes velvet & Co, these are bulky and emphasize every little irregularity.

Trends in grossen Grössen

And if velvet is still a little too much for you, how about an accessory to start off with?

Superga Velvet Slip On


Trends in grossen Grössen

First of all ... we think this trend is simply great!

And the nice thing is, the same rules apply as for velvet ...

Wintertrends in grossen Grössen Plus Size Fashion trendreport

Pointed details in the right places make the simplest part an exciting eye-catcher and look wonderfully feminine and elegant!

Lace plays with the effect of showing and hiding, directing the eye to the part of the body that is being played on and yet concealing it at the same time.

Simply sexy! So it's no wonder that it's so popular for lingerie ...


wolford shaping panty grosse größen


The festive season has started! Time for glamor and glamor! The nice thing about this winter is that you don't have to wait for Christmas with the metallic trend ... the effect has become suitable for everyday use, whether on trendy pleated skirts or as a glitter knit ... "Shine bright" is the new motto.

If you combine the highlight with chunky knitted sweaters and boots, it becomes an elegant look that also works in the office during the day. And after work with heels and lipstick and off to the after-work party!

So please party girls and birds of paradise, this trend is yours!


No way small minded! This season is all about big squares ... actually it's less squares than grids, but how would that sound like a trend ?! Of course not possible ... and because yesterday's trend cannot be tomorrow's trend, but checked is checked, they just look different this season ... more graphic, more abstract, cooler ... just trendier.

We dance in a square, we dance in a square!


And the trend goes on ... <3