Loved by Les Soeurs Shop @ Wild Fashion Dinner Usedom

Presentation of the Loved by Les Soeurs Shop Collection at the Wild Fashion Dinner on Usedom



Wildes Fashion Dinner Usedom Loved by Les Soeurs Shop


 Exciting times for our Les Soeurs Shop! Not only do we have our first own pieces hanging in our store under the collection name "Loved by Les Soeurs Shop", no, we were also invited to a small fashion show!

 A banquet with 100 invited guests takes place annually on Usedom under the title "Wild (es) Fashion Dinner" and the organizers of the Acksteiner agency from Berlin were so enthusiastic about our concept that we were promptly invited to present our first designs this autumn Present to audience.

 But what is a curvy collection without the right curvy models? Only half the battle ... so we had to have a couple of pretty ladies and we couldn't have found a better one than the wonderful sisters Kira and Saskia, who we know from our shop.

Sisters who represent the "Sisters Shop" (Les Soeurs Shop) - it couldn't have been better!

So the two of them came to our store to fit their show outfits, they tried on, styled, swapped and posed and finally all 10 looks were perfect! From our new favorite jersey dress for every day to casual cashmere pieces that were made especially for us in Italy are made up to the flowing silk tunic, the girls have rocked every look! 

The idea behind our slowly growing "Loved by Les Soeurs Shop" collection is to create real favorite items that you can and want to wear every day. At first glance, the designs are simple and unexciting, but impress with flattering fabrics and flattering fits . The point is to bring out the wearer with her curves and her personality in the best possible way and not to disguise or hide her.


Our styles should be wearable from morning to night and adapt to a wide variety of wardrobes and styles without being boring. They form the ideal basis for styling them from casual to elegant and thus to cut a good figure from 9 to 9, whether at work or at the after-work party.


Get dressed and feel good and still be well dressed, all without having to worry about your outfit for hours in the morning. The secret: Effortless chic 


Because we don't want our pieces to go out of style after one season, we're building up our collection little by little, that means the individual models still exist and new ones should be added little by little - all real classics or wardrobe basics, if you like want.


Therefore, a main focus is on the fabrics that we purchase from European fabric manufacturers. They are of high quality and mainly made from natural fibers. Silk, viscose and cashmere are the components of the models shown. It is just as important to us that we know how things are made, which is why our production is located in Berlin. Short distances protect the environment and we know that our things are produced fairly!


This is how favorite items “Loved by Les Soeurs Shop” are created.







Wildes Fashion Dinner Usedom Loved by Les Soeurs Shop Curvy Supermodel




Wildes Fashion Dinner Usedom Loved by Les Soeurs Shop Curvy Supermodel


The beautiful sisters! Our models Saskia and Kira are still here backstage with the preparations ...


Wild Fashion Dinner 2017 Usedom Loved by Les Soeurs Shop


 Model Life ... Selfie Time :-)


Wildes Fashion Dinner Usedom Loved by Les Soeurs Shop

Saskia in her favorite look with a leather skirt, cashmere sweater and patterned tights.


Curvy Supermodel Wildes Fashion Dinner Usedom Loved by Les Soeurs Shop

  Kira in her favorite outfit with suede leggings and cashmere cape <3


Wildes Fashion Dinner Usedom Ostseezeitung

Photo: Henrik Nitzsche

And last but not least, there was a farewell picture for the article in the Ostseezeitung!