Curvy Column - Curvy Supermodel Dream

Hello my love,

Today I would like to share with you my thoughts on a topic that is important to me - namely how women with curves are portrayed in the media and accordingly perceived. And how the media and fashion industries use our natural psychological reactions and behaviors in terms of ideals of beauty, body cult and belonging in their favor.
Because, as many now also know, not everything that glitters is gold and there is another reality behind most of the pictures. And even if body positivity and body acceptance are on the rise, it is unfortunately a fact that these terms are now being marketed and used incorrectly.

We take pictures and illusions in front of us every day, without always being able to look behind the respective facade. The fashion and media industry uses this advantage for itself. With the placement of advertising material and such "Oh-I-would-like-to-look-like" pictures, trends and role models are automatically created that we take up as such, even if we don't like it at all. Even those who look critically at these idelized images cannot escape their omnipresence and are unintentionally influenced by them.

And once the trend really takes hold, then many of us jump right into it - myself included. From a purely human point of view, it is quite natural to orientate yourself on role models or on already proven or exemplified ideas. And it is precisely this behavior that large companies take advantage of by placing products and setting prices accordingly. And depending on the way we communicate, we are directed in a very specific direction desired by companies and even by the state without even realizing it.

We often forget what we really want or what we actually feel good about because we are inoculated differently.
And there is a huge psychological influence that affects us women with curves in particular and often makes us unhappy.
Therefore, I find it all the more important to draw attention to women and men and to choose them as role models who actually share their real thoughts and experiences on the subject of body positivity with us, want to free people from erroneous prejudices and, most importantly, a mental one for many fellow human beings Prop are.

It would be nice to create more space in the media landscape to depict our multifaceted society. Since the advent of social media, I have followed many people on the World Wide Web and have orientated myself to inspiring examples. Maybe some of you know that too. In this respect, social media was a real revelation for me in the beginning.

Meanwhile, however, I know that caution is required here too, because the temptation to come across false realities and ideals is huge and seductive here too. Just as there are influencers who increase their own self-confidence and acceptance, there are also a majority of people who jump on the “body positivity” bandwagon and sell us lucrative fake content or intentionally package real content incorrectly.

An example for me is the casting show “Curvy Supermodel” on the broadcaster RTL II. In my opinion, the body positivity trend is cleverly flirted with and yet the show fulfills its typical TV format. The girls are sometimes presented differently than they want and anyway as they are, situations are invented or unfavorable snapshots are used to amuse and entertain the audience. Sure, this is show business and partly regulated by contract, but that's exactly what affects the masses . And instead of continuing to convey the same clichés about unhappy, fat women or hypersexualized curve stars to the audience, it would be nice to show the other sides, both the positive and the negative.

With such famous models as Ashley Graham, Candice Huffine or Tara Lynn, only the tip of the iceberg can be seen and only what pleases the eye. And what the ladies themselves share about their lives is too good to be true. The way there in particular is the hardest and actually the most interesting. For example, I would be interested in how you can manage your mother, supermodel, business woman and girlfriend at the same time. The happy ending is always shown because it attracts and holds us end users.

That's the way things go, and I think diversity should be more than just a catchphrase or a campaign name ...! It should truly be lived and shown! Because with whom is life always pink and smooth ?!
With these words I remain for the time being and wish you a nice evening.
I hope I hear from one or the other of you, if you have similar thoughts or other experiences, I would love to hear them.
So until the next article dear ones,