Plus size model

Tess Munster aka Tess Holliday is one of the "Body Positive" activists and is the founder of the #effyourbeautystandards campaign.

Munster is 1.62 m tall, wears size 52 and is a model!

Overweight since childhood, despite all the teasing and hostility, Tess Munster has managed to develop a positive relationship with her body and to celebrate and share this attitude. She is co-founder and mouthpiece of the “Body Positive” movement, which is about accepting your own body, finding yourself beautiful regardless of weight and size, and living out your style. The topic of health is not left out of the equation and so Munster himself does sport 4 times a week.

"The movement shows women that they do not have to be a certain size to love their body (big or small) and that their size should not dictate their fashion choices."

But how did she get her career as a plus size model and figurehead of a movement?

Tess Munster grew up in trailer parks in Laurel, Mississippi. Verbally humiliated by her father and classmates because of her weight, she dropped out of high school at the age of 17.

She began to work as a make-up artist and in 2010, encouraged by her professional success and her first participation in model competitions, decided to move to Los Angeles. There she had her breakthrough as a professional plus size model in 2011.

Since then, her career has been climbing steeply. In 2013 she was nominated by Vogue Italia as one of the top plus size models in the world. This year she is nominated in two categories at the British Plus Size Awards, as “Best Model” and “Best Person in Business”.

Her fan base is enthusiastic about her positive manner, her self-confidence and her will. Tess Munster now has almost 1 million followers and fans on Instagram and Facebook, and the number is growing every day.

An impressive personality!

Plus-Size Model
Photo via Milk Modeling Agency

Plus Size Model
Photo by Nick Holliday, plus size model Tess Munster

Plus Size Models
Photo via, plus size model Tess Munster