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It's so far, autumn is just around the corner and no matter how wistfully you think back to your vacation and try to keep the last vestiges of your holiday tan, you're already looking forward to the first days of autumn, which you can finally take part in again Tea and biscuits in a cozy jumper can be lolled about on the sofa. And anyway, there is finally another reason to expand your least with our plus size fashion autumn trends. This makes every outfit an autumnal highlight. Let yourself be inspired!



For a long time, backpacks were only for students or outdoor fans, but now the backpack has finally become socially acceptable! No wonder when you see these great new models made of leather. They are in no way inferior in design to an elegant handbag and are also good for your back! Another positive development is that many companies are now working with vegan leather ( yes, we used to call it artificial leather ;-) ) made from recycled materials, which is now very similar to real leather in terms of look and feel. And best of all: He: "But you already have 100 handbags!" Us: "Yes, but no backpack!"   


Plus Size Mode Herbsttrends





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Bottom pleats

What wears like a skirt and looks like pants? The pleated pants. We are dedicated fans! In whatever form, as culottes, carrots or boyfriend pants, pleated pants are unbeatable and definitely a plus size must-have this fall! Contrary to popular belief, the small creases conceal wonderfully, especially with a higher waistband, and offer freedom of movement and comfort. Needless to say, these pants can be worn with anything from tops to blazers, as long as you pay attention to the proportions. It's not always easy, but if you do it right, it's always top-class style! 


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Plus Size Berlin Herbst Must-haves

Long Shirt

And the trend goes on... We already experienced how versatile and casual the long T-shirts and shirts are in the summer, now it goes on! Especially in the transitional period, the maxi shirts can be combined fantastically...whether with skinny jeans or wide trousers, in a kaftan style or as a long shirt, they are real figure-flatterers. They are particularly beautiful made of flowing, slightly transparent fabrics or with side slits, because they make you feel wonderfully dressed and at the same time show off your curves...pure femininity!



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Plus Size Herbst Must-haves

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Crazy Chelea Boots

The Chelsea Boot goes into a new round! This autumn everything is allowed and desired, which is fun! Whether it's glitter, color accents or unusual details... with the new ankle boots, every outfit becomes an eye-catcher in no time at all! They look great with everything and with the trendy midi heels they are incredibly comfortable. These boots are made for walking! and dancing ;-) 


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Modern Twin-Set

The twin set is experiencing a revival! But not as a conservative set with a tubular knit look... no! The new twins are unusual pant suits or costumes with uniform all-over prints...quite daring, but eye-catchers and compliments are guaranteed! Fashion Forward! 


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Have a sparkling Autumn ! :-)

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