Big size trends - our plus size styling guide ...

Große Größen Trends

In our Curvy Concept Store we offer trendy plus size fashion in Berlin and are of course always consulted on how to style the current trends in large sizes. This gave rise to the idea of the “Plus Size Styling Guide”. 

Together with Caterina von Megabambi We have therefore decided to make small videos on a regular basis, in which different style issues are dealt with.

Our first video is now online on the topic: ”A-line rock“.

Julia: ”A-line skirts are the epitome of femininity and should therefore not be missing in any wardrobe!

They have always been used in fashion to accentuate feminine curves, whether with crinoline & corset in the times of Madame Pompadour or in the 50s with Christian Dior’s new look. They emphasize the waist as the narrowest point of the body, hide the hips and conjure up a perfect hourglass silhouette.

They are wonderfully comfortable and offer an incredible amount of freedom of movement. The modern interpretations of this summer range from elegant to sporty and offer the right variant for every figure type. And if you follow a few tips and tricks, pay attention to the material, length and waist height, you will be transformed into a modern Brigitte Bardot in no time at all ...! "

Großen Größen Trends

Caterina: “The advantage of this type of skirt is that it immediately makes you feel more feminine and wonderfully light. You can emphasize your waist with this skirt shape. With the hem length of the skirt you can also wonderfully express your personal preferences. If you don't want to focus on your buttocks, your thighs, then this skirt is ideal. If you have narrow calves and a slim waist like me, you can underline that wonderfully with this skirt shape. "

Trends in grossen Größen

You can find these and many other trends in large sizes in our store. Have fun re-styling! <3