Plus size fashion summer trends 2016

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Photo by Mert and Marcus


The kimono style

Whether as a jacket, top or dress ... the kimono cut is great! It is airy, comfortable, elegant and modern at the same time - a real all-rounder. Gimme gimme more gimme more <3

Plus Size Fashion Sommer
Resort Collection by Alena Akhmadullina


We think writing by hand is great! It expresses so much more than just the content of the words - emotions, personality and appreciation! Whether ballpoint pen, fountain pen or calligraphy brush, there are no limits to creativity! Write a little letter or postcard to your loved one ...

Plus Size Berlin Tu penses a l'été ... by Benoit Delhomme

Modern meets classy

Classic men's watch for a graphic pocket? Elegant midi skirt with funky platform sandals? Of course! The skilful contrasts make the look unique! Style break with concept is our motto ... give it a try, you will see, it works and uses the full potential of your wardrobe ;-)

Plus Size Sommer
photo Who What Wear

Hologram accessories

Shimmering, iridescent surfaces ... they fascinate us! Is it because of the association with refreshing swimming pools or the thought of futuristic worlds? It doesn't matter, hologram accessories are an eye-catcher for every look! Whether as a bag, 90ies sandals or sunglasses, for a poolside look or at Fashion Week ... Shine on!

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Accessories & Photo Nastygal

Pleated maxi skirts

Is there anything better than feeling naked and still fully dressed? A pleated maxi skirt does just that ... it wears like a touch of nothing and is an entire outfit. Simply add a top, statement jewelry, sandals or heels and you're done! There is almost no better style for summer ... except maybe kimono dresses ;-)

Plus Size Mode Sommer
photo Fashion all-women talk

Neoprene bikini

In the wake of the growing sportswear trend, neoprene has made a real triumphant advance. Its use has long since left its origins behind and designers use it for skirts, sweaters, jackets and much more. We all already have one or the other item in our closet ... so it's high time for a summer edition! Ever since triangl bikinis have been on everyone's lips, the neoprene bikini has been a must-have in luggage! But apart from look and trend, these pieces are great! They shape and hug the figure. And the best ... no more slipping and warping, even in the strongest waves! Who is the next Bond girl ?!

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