Fashion for chubby?

"Fashion for chubby" - what does that actually mean, chubby?

If you look in the dictionary you will find the following:
Comfortable - cozy - toasty - pleasant - warm - fleshy - obese - clumsy - chunky - plump - powerful - stocky - coarse

So is a chubby woman chunky and plump or cozy and warm? Couldn't she also be elegant and cool?

"Fashion for chubby" was once introduced as a paraphrase for fat and is intended to verbally conceal this fact. The same applies to most of the clothing that is advertised under this term. But why actually?

Is fat a negative thing? Not really, on the contrary, as you can see in everyday language...

A big compliment; a big kiss; to be good friends; a fat bank account; So why is fat weirdly negative when it comes to bodies? It is a social phenomenon of our time. But the nice thing is that times change and with them perception and ideals. Maybe in the future, when we all get bigger, there will be extra "clothes for bony people".

So how can one term do justice to all body shapes and certainly to the most diverse people?

He can not! But because fashion cannot do without labels and, like language, it offers the possibility of playful differentiation and grouping, we ask ourselves how we can oust "women's fashion for plus-size women" from everyday use and replace it with something new.

Let's find a contemporary definition together and revolutionize curvy fashion!

Les Soeurs Shop is the beginning. We won't have "fashion for plus size" but lots of inspiring styles in plus sizes.


We are the Curvy Concept Store for you!