LABEL TO WATCH - INAN ISIK - Sustainable Curvy Fashion


Sustainable fashion in large sizes that is also beautiful - does that even exist? Oh yeah! Our new discovery, the Danish designer INAN ISIK not only satisfies the desire for stylish, feminine favorite pieces, but also the need to turn our back on poor quality and morally questionable mass production. 


Inan Isik - the designer behind the label of the same name has set herself the task of producing the highest quality and most feminine (and, by the way, also very sustainable) of all fabrics - namely silk, with the best workmanship and ethically flawless production. 


 And female empowerment is also an important topic for Inan. She produces exclusively in productions run by women in Turkey and would like to shake up with her Curvy Fashion Collection and remind people that fashion should feel good - in every respect!


Did you know that silk is a very sustainable raw material? Traditional silk production requires little water and produces next to no waste. In addition, silk can be completely biodegraded within a few years.

Beautiful, sustainable fashion in large sizes and also made of silk ... sounds like a dream come true, doesn't it?

Is it! We are absolutely thrilled by this likeable, smart woman and her fantastic collection and are happy to present her to you in our store.


We look forward to you!