Curvy fashion trends fall / winter 2020


Yes, yes, we don't want to admit it either, but autumn is just around the corner. But here's the good news: There are tons of great new styles to discover! And the second good news: the most important fashion trends for autumn / winter 2020 offer something for every taste. Whether Urban Cool or New Classics, this winter will be feminine and, above all, curvy cool in a modern way! Be inspired by our favorites <3


Shackets - The new favorite piece of clothing

Please what ??? Yes, the fashion industry and its word-finding ... there are certainly better names, but hardly a better piece of clothing for the coming autumn than this one! The shacket (a mixture of shirt and jacket) is our new favorite piece when it comes to the transitional wardrobe. Whether casually as an overshirt instead of a transition jacket or coat or on particularly cold days as a sweater replacement, the Shacket is an all-round talent with a favorite part potential! <3

Winter can be so cozy - teddy coats

Sometimes you have to be allowed to indulge in nostalgia. Whether you think of your favorite teddy bear from your childhood days when you think of the cool teddy coats or the cool hippie jackets from the Swinging Sixties is up to you. One thing is certain, however, in these models you simply feel safe and in good hands on cold winter days! From cool to elegant, teddy coats can be styled in a variety of ways, whether with leather pants and boots, jogpants and sneakers or girly mididress and cowboy boots, there is something for every style and everyone - style factor 100! Be my Teddy Bear <3

Aim high - high waisted jeans & paperbag pants

The skinny jeans are getting competition. Because a new silhouette is celebrating its triumphant entry! Whether with straight legs or a tapered silhouette, the new trouser shape is cut high and emphasizes the waist. And the best thing about it, everything from cool to sexy can be styled. A boxy crop top and sneakers, a cool leather jacket or a casual overshirt / shacket and the urban style is ready. And for the party-friendly weekend version, a figure-hugging top and a pair of strap heels can be tucked in. And this great, feminine silhouette can also be used in everyday business. Simply combine a minimalist white blouse and an elegant camel coat, loafers and you're done! Hello Boss-Babe <3

Houndstooth - A classic is making its comeback

The houndstooth pattern is one of the classics in fashion: The broken checks in a black and white zigzag pattern are characteristic of the design,

reminiscent of the claw marks of a rooster. Christian Dior made it famous in the fifties and even at Chanel it should not be missing in any collection. Thanks to the eye-catching design, simple outfits become real eye-catchers in no time at all. And so the pattern can be used as an eye catcher. For example, choose a cool coat in the pattern and wear it for a clean look. True to the motto: good style never goes out of style <3

Vegan Leather - Cool & Comfy

Whether as a shirt, trousers, dress or skirt: leather or vegan artificial leather can be seen everywhere in the autumn-winter collections. Particularly popular with designers: muted colors such as black, brown, gray or dark red and olive. Our trend forecast: Without a part made of leather, the autumn look 2020 is incomplete!

Accessory must-have: the bumbag

The bumbag, also called hipbag, is the bag of the hour! Who would have thought, when we slipped our neon-colored nylon bum bags into our used clothing collection at the end of the nineties, that one day they would meet and clothe us again. To be fair, it should be said right away that they too have grown up with us. Elegant leather has replaced nylon and neon and you no longer have to strap it around your stomach, but simply wear it crossbody in style. Why do we love this model? Because they are just incredibly practical, you carry everything important with you, everything that is unimportant can simply be left at home and both hands are free! And the best news ... we have even opened two models that fit perfectly thanks to the extra long strap and generous size <3


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