Maria Black

"Gordon" Ring - Gold

  • MARIA BLACK JEWELERY from Copenhagen combines minimalist aesthetics and art into contemporary jewellery
  • The Gordon Ring is a classic from the "Heroes" collection and a modern interpretation of the signet ring
  • Its unusual hexagonal shape and its simple design make it a beautiful eye-catcher on its own as well as in combination with other rings
  • The strong statement pieces by Maria Black are for the modern woman and give every outfit strength
  • Color gold
  • Material: 925 silver - 22 carat gold plated














The plant-based, smooth natural fiber is extremely kind to the skin, as it creates a balanced skin climate and does not irritate the skin. It is therefore also recommended for allergy sufferers. With special treatments such as B. mercerizing, the benefits of cotton can be enhanced.


Viscose fibers consist of dissolved cellulose and are very similar to cotton fibers. The structure of the cellulose is optimized through a chemical process, giving the viscose a soft, light drape.


The natural vegetable fiber has a smooth surface, which makes the fabric feel fresh and cool in summer and warm in winter. Linen ensures a balanced skin climate and is therefore very skin-friendly. It creases badly and is very popular for use in layered looks.


Silk is an animal fiber. It is obtained from the cocoons of the silkworm. Silk is the only continuous textile fiber found in nature and consists mainly of protein. No textile fiber can compete with the wearing comfort of silk. Good silk is expensive and still a luxury product. Apart from the somewhat complex care, silk has some excellent properties: Silk is light and comfortable, rarely tends to wrinkle and is very good at insulating. The material shimmers and shines beautifully and absorbs dyes very well, which means you can dye them particularly brilliantly. It is also the strongest known natural fiber in the world.


The Cashmere wool (also known as Cashmere) is a very fine and soft natural fiber, which from the underfur of cashmere goat (carp goat) is won. Only the particularly fine undercoat of the goat (duvet) is processed, it has a diameter of 15 - 19 micrometres. The coarse top hair (awns), on the other hand, is sorted out. Due to its fine fibers, cashmere wool is one of the Fine wool with very good heat retention properties and low weight. It is one of the most valuable and expensive natural fibers.

merino wool

Merino wool is a particularly high-quality wool that is obtained by shearing the merino sheep. It impresses with exceptional wearing properties: no scratching, cooling in summer, warming in winter and therefore perfect at any time of the year. Merino wool "doesn't stink" - external influences, such as cooking odors or heavy sweating, don't bother the noble yarn. A quick airing of the garment is enough and it's fresh again. Dirt practically rolls off it. At the same time, it protects against UV rays - like a 40+ sunscreen. Tingling from electrostatic charging, unsightly wrinkles and fluff? Just as impossible as the flammability - even firefighters rely on protective clothing made of merino wool.


These fabrics are often referred to as "crashed". It is characterized by a matt, grainy surface. The best known are probably crêpe georgette and crêpe marocain, which stand out due to their flowing fall and are not transparent.


One of the most feminine fabrics is chiffon, loved for its elegant transparency. Thanks to the light linen weave, the fabric falls softly and can be made of polyester or silk.


The triumph of nylon stockings at the beginning of the 1950s changed the textile industry - unimaginable if women still only had to wear silk stockings. Nylon is the brand name of a chemical fiber, consists of polyamide and is extremely stretchy.


It is particularly characterized by its very high elastic elongation. The fiber retains its strength and therefore does not lose its shape or color even after frequent washing. Lycra is a trademarked premium version of spandex.


The fiber has been greatly optimized in recent years, so that some people prefer to use it than e.g. e.g. cotton. Because it dries quickly and has good breathability. The most important criterion for a good ecological balance sheet of clothing is durability. From an environmental point of view, polyester, with its above-average durability and durability, performs even better than conventional natural fibers.




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