Urban gardening

Mode in großen Größen
Urban gardening photographed by Dorothy Luzy.

I plant the world as I like it!
The trend towards urban gardening is an omnipotent phenomenon!

As soon as the first rays of sun appear, the arms race begins on the balconies of the neighborhood. The gray city wakes up from its hibernation - it blooms and green on balconies, in front gardens, in front of shops, on roofs, on walls and intersections and now even on buses! City dwellers have discovered gardening for themselves and realize their need for nature in every imaginable place.

No corner is too small, no place too remote, not to create a small arcadia in the middle of the city. The green space is more than just a kitchen garden or a pastime. For some it serves as a place of retreat and contemplative balance to the stressful everyday life, for others as an opportunity for social exchange and for looking after the neighbors. More and more community garden projects are emerging in urban space, such as the Prinzessinengarten on Moritzplatz in Berlin.

A positive side effect is not only a greener city and an increased quality of life. Ideally, you will also develop an understanding of seasonality and the need to use regional goods.

Gardening requires patience and care and thus promotes concentration, but also creativity. It is not for nothing that well-known creatives such as the count Designer Dries Van Noten gardening is her favorite pastime:

"That's why a garden is the perfect balance for me. To enjoy it, you have to listen to it, follow its rhythm, nature cannot be controlled. That brings me back down to earth.

(Interview Süddeutsche Zeitung)

Mode große Größen
Urban gardening photo via modernurbanliving.com

Große Größen Berlin
Urban gardening photo via csag.uct.ac.za

Große Größen Berlin
Dries van Noten's Spring / Summer 2015

Berlin große Größen